DNA vibrational mode In 1977 professors Fedor Herbut and Milan Vujicic and Ivan Bozovic classified the groups of symmetry of stereoregular polymers (line groups) and found their irreducible representations. what was the beginning of the symmetry analysis of polymers. Later on this research growed up, including studies of various symmetry based physical properties of mono- and di-periodic crystals, as well as general applications of symmetry in quantum theory, and computer implementations. The results refer to polymers, nanotubes, molecules, multilayers, 3D crystals... Carbon nanotube (6,0) - symmetry

M. Damnjanovic, I. Milosevic, T. Vukovic, B. Nikolic, E. Dobardzic and S. Dmitrovic are at present work on:
  • Polymers
  • Nanotubes
  • Diperiodic systems & CuO2
  • Symmetry & Computer - Group Projectors